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aaaaah!! i'm sorry!! but i'm not sorry! i fell in love with tsukishima and now i'm addicted to haikyuu!! i don't what it is with guys and sports but haikyuu and kuroko no basket are just UGH! lovely men.

There’s no point in a future built upon sacrificing Mirai Kuriyama. Despite having yelled that, here I am, accepting that future as I go through life. I bet that right about now, Kuriyama-san is saying, “Serves you right!” How unpleasant.

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shizume week: day 3;dorks in love

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A set featuring a bunch of tiny and cute Oikawa Toorus

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Sata Kyouya in the Preview of Ookami shoujo to kuro ouji

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The setters from Karasuno High: Mr. Refreshing and Tobio-chan

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                 Angry Karasuno  (◣_◢)


"I was too late…. and I will always regret it for the rest of my life."